How the 19 Minute Neuro-Lax Solution
Ended Years of Migraine Suffering

The best part? I did it from the comfort of my own home - and YOU CAN TOO!
“Hey – Want to catch a movie tonight?”

“No, tonight doesn’t work for me. Rain check?”
2 weeks later…
“Mom – are you coming to my hockey game  today?”

“I’m sorry, honey. I’m just not feeling well enough. Maybe next time…”
The next day…
"I'm sorry Jan - I'm not feeling great and can't make it into work today."

“This is the 2nd time this month – This is becoming a problem.”
The truth? I would have loved to have gone to the movies or had dinner with friends.

The truth? I hated blowing off my kids’ activities and letting them down - again.

The truth? I dreaded missing work and was scared I might lose my job!
Instead, I spent the evening in a dark room with a cold cloth  over my eyes, wishing for my migraine discomfort to subside.
Maybe you can relate?
Let me introduce myself.

My name is Christine, and I used to experience occasional migraine discomfort at least once a month. My migraines were holding me hostage and stopping me from living the life I wanted.

At first, they started off small and infrequent. Over the years, they became increasingly intense and happened far too often.

My migraines made me feel like a hostage in my own home, unable to leave or do the things I wanted to do. They made me withdraw from family and friends, missing out on quality time and activities I enjoyed. This greatly affected my mental wellbeing, forcing me to sink deeper and deeper into feelings of bitterness, anger, sadness, guilt, and despair.
Are Your Migraines Holding You Hostage too?
Are you frequently missing out on doing the things you enjoy most, like spending time with loved ones, attending family events, or even watching your favorite TV shows?

Are you wasting time waiting for the pain meds to kick in – hoping that they will help this time?

Maybe you’re losing sleep, worrying about potentially losing your job…
… and feeling frustrated and sorry for yourself - like I did.
I lost so much time in weakening discomfort and wouldn’t wish this  migraine misery on anyone.
Sadly, you never know what a migraine will become until it’s too late.

Some migraines last for hours… while others can last for days!

Sometimes they are just an intense headache… and other times you can be racked with nausea and light-sensitivity.

You feel the beginning stages of your migraine coming on - and immediately experience that overwhelming sense of dread.

You survey your surroundings. Is there a quiet place you can go lie down? Can you get home safely before the occasional discomfort starts? Do you need to cancel or rearrange plans before it’s too late? The panic sets in, only making things worse.

Luckily, you manage to get home in time. The kids are running around, asking about dinner… the TV is blaring… the dog is jumping up wanting attention… you’re struggling to cope. You try in vain to settle the kids. You sadly explain that once again you need some ‘quiet time.’

You slowly make your way up to your room. You dim the lights and grab a cold cloth. Maybe you start your diffuser or insert your earplugs.

FINALLY, you’re able to lie down.

Only for the real occasional discomfort to start.
I spent so much time worrying about fighting through the occasional nagging discomfort through my everyday activities.

Wondering if the next migraine would sideline me once again:

From work, school, sports, playing with my kids, having fun with my friends, spending quality time with my spouse, and even leaving the comfort of my own home!
I couldn’t continue living like this. I couldn’t keep going on this way, waiting for the next migraine to strike.
I needed to find a solution that worked -
and this is how I discovered Neuro-Lax
I finally broke down and made an appointment to see my doctor.

As expected, his first recommendation was MEDICATION… something I was hesitant to try – but I was DESPERATE!
This was NOT OK. This wasn’t the help I was looking for. I was back to feeling DESPERATE and HOPELESS.
I needed to find a better way. 

I needed to find a safer way.

I needed to find a more effective way.

I needed to find a natural way to get relief for my migraines or possibly prevent them from happening at the same time.
So, I started looking for answers…

and started with the question,
what was REALLY causing my migraines?
I started researching on my own. I read all the studies and watched countless videos. I read every article that I could find… and I tried every common solution suggested.

I limited my screen time. I tried to reduce my stress. I got enough sleep. I cut caffeine from my diet, I invested in a healthy lifestyle….
I even tried some of the more uncommon solutions suggested, like essential oils, special diets, and meditation…

Many of the studies offered conflicting solutions - but I tried them all!
Until I discovered a new study centered
around what was really causing my
migraines… Hyper-occlusion!
“ Migraines are now thought to be the result of irregular brain activity temporarily affecting nerve signals, chemicals and blood vessels in the brain.”
This brain activity that leads to migraines is referred to as: Hyper-occlusion . This ‘glitch’ in brain activity does not affect everyone - so it can’t be remedied by diet, sleep, or medications! I was fascinated by this new discovery because it made a lot of sense. No wonder nothing I had tried had worked! They weren’t addressing the root of my problem because they did nothing to combat Hyper-occlusion!
The answer was clear - I needed a solution designed
to specifically combat the devastating effects of Hyper-occlusion!
But where to begin? Given this was such a new scientific method, I was beginning to lose hope that I would find something to help me with my occasional discomfort. Then I stumbled upon something interesting in the most unlikely place - Facebook!

I had been searching for online migraine support groups, hoping others might be able to offer helpful suggestions for dealing with my migraines. Amazingly, this is where I found the solution that ended my years of suffering.
I learned the key to managing
is a system of  gentle  movements 
called  Neuro-Lax yoga
And as much as I hated my migraines, in a strange way I am grateful for them…

Because they led me to the Neuro-Lax solution - which ended my migraine nightmare and now allows me to help people like you.
Because the Neuro-Lax method that I will show you today
is simply the best way to manage Hyper-occlusion…
and managing Hyper-occlusion is the key to
managing your migraine worries!
Neuro-Lax is a special style of yoga that directly impacts the sympathetic nervous system, and helps promote calmness and relaxation as well as helps manage hyper-occlusion - before your fluctuating hormone levels can cause you occasional nagging discomfort.
You can try Neuro-Lax yoga!

Regardless of your age, gender, or fitness level…

Or whether you’ve been experiencing occasional discomfort for 1 day, 2 weeks…
When I really thought about how migraines work, it all made sense!
Looking back, my migraine symptoms usually started days before the pain actually struck. Each time it was slightly different, but the more I looked for answers, the more I learned that I wasn’t alone.

According to recent research [1], although symptoms can vary, about 60% of migraine sufferers experience symptoms like:
  • Light, sound, and/or smell sensitivity
  • Fatigue
  • Food cravings or loss of appetite
  • Mood changes
  • Severe thirst
  • Bloating
  • Constipation or diarrhea

When you start experiencing these warning signs, it’s impossible not to start worrying, looking for any ways possible to enhance your mood. You KNOW the worst is coming. The worry alone can cause you to step away from your life in hopes of minimizing the occasional discomfort that happens when the next phase of your migraine begins.
So, what do all of these early symptoms have in common?
They are all connected to the hormonal brain glitch -
The key is to manage Hyper-occlusion BEFORE it can lead to the next stage of migraine. The Neuro-Lax migraine method helps with managing Hyper-occlusion - managing the occasional discomfort before any of the migraine symptoms take hold.
Slightly Reduces the occurrence of…
  • Seeing black dots, wavy lines, or flashes of light
  • Tunnel vision
  • Temporary blindness
  • Tingling or numbness on one side of your body
  • Difficulty with speech
  • Ringing in your ears
Managing the Occasional Nagging Discomfort that migraines bring…
Occasional discomfort that occasionally comes back…slightly nagging… and distracting…
I couldn’t keep losing days out of each month to go through this crippling cycle. I couldn’t keep waiting for the next migraine to occur. I couldn’t keep worrying about losing my job. I couldn’t keep canceling plans and alienating my friends. I couldn’t keep disappointing my family. I couldn’t keep suffering from the pain. And neither should you!!!!!
My Migraines were keeping me locked in a prison and it was time to break free! Neuro-Lax was the answer to my prayers.
With Neuro-Lax Yoga, I was able to manage Hyper-occlusion - and regain DAYS of my life each month.

I no longer spent days each month:
  • Feeling exhausted
  • Having no energy
  • Feeling weak
  • Recovering my appetite
  • Trying to catch up on everything I missed
  • Simply trying to feel NORMAL again
And you can too!
You Can Try Neuro-Lax to help Manage Hyper-Occlusion:
A 2014 study conducted by the National Library of Medicine concluded that:
“Yoga therapy can be effectively incorporated as an adjuvant therapy in migraine patients.”
Yoga? Seriously?

I read on….

This study found that headache frequency and intensity was reduced in people who practiced a specific style of yoga.

As well, those studied also experienced an improvement in their PNS nervous system. Given that this nervous system ‘glitch’ is tied to migraines, fixing this imbalance helped decrease the likelihood of migraines.

Could balancing my nervous system decrease my symptoms or even stop my migraines from happening?

Could yoga help me regain my social life?

Could yoga stop me from missing work?

Could yoga allow me to spend more quality time with my family?

Could yoga really put an end to my suffering?

It really couldn’t be this simple. As you can imagine, I was very skeptical. Was doing the occasional yoga class the answer to my problem?
The answer is YES – But regular yoga was not the answer

The more I researched, the more I learned

Yoga needs specific moves for it to be tailored in supporting Migraine Management.

The answer was a specialized type of yoga designed specifically for migraine management.

This specially designed style of movement manages the effects of Hyper-Occlusion….
The answer was NEURO-LAX YOGA - because it specifically manages Hyper-occlusion -
which we now know is the root cause of your migraines
If you’ve never heard of Neuro-Lax Yoga , you’re not alone. This specialized type of yoga has been crafted specifically for Migraine Relief. It has proven to minimize the effects of Hyper-occlusion. The more I learned, the more excited I was to try this new therapeutic technique shared in Yoga for Migraine Relief.
So, I decided to try the Neuro-Lax Yoga technique in
Yoga for Migraine Relief
After one week of trying the Neuro-Lax program, I experienced a migraine. At first I was disheartened, but then I realized that my migraine did not last as long as I was used to - and the discomfort was much less than I usually experienced.

Although I still had a migraine, this was a significant improvement - so I stayed with the program.

3 weeks later, I had what most would consider a regular headache. It didn’t last long and did not sideline me from my daily activities. Another big improvement!
Miraculously, that was the LAST headache
I have experienced since discovering Neuro-Lax!
I couldn’t be more excited to tell you more about this amazing program and all of the reasons I decided to give it a try. Everything about this revolutionary technique just made sense!

1 – I Trusted the Source(s)

I needed a proven program with real science behind it, that was designed by a trusted resource with years of experience. And this is why I decided to try Yoga for Migraine Relief.

This program was designed by 2 TRUE EXPERTS on Exercise Therapy, Body Mechanics, and Injury Recovery.
Rick Kaselj, MS

  • Injury specialist with over 25 years of experience helping thousands of people across the globe eliminate pain and recover from injuries through exercises
  • Has conducted thousands of personal training, injury prevention, and pain-reduction sessions.
  • Has reviewed and carefully scrutinized hundreds of scientific and medical research papers and studies
  • Has been a practicing, Registered Kinesiologist for 25+ years
  • Spent 6 years at university studying Kinesiology, Corrective Exercise and Therapeutic Exercise
  • Master’s Degree in Exercise Science
  • Author and speaker who has given over 260 presentations to more than 5000 fitness professionals across Canada and USA
Rebecca Stanley

  • Fitness & Health Promotion Diploma
  • Massage Therapy Diploma
  • Nutritional Therapy Certification
  • E-YRT-500 Yoga Alliance Certification in Therapeutic Yoga and Vinyasa
  • YRT-CE Certified Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider
  • Zero Gravity Yoga Certification
  • Lead trainer for Yoga Alliance RYT-200 Teacher Trainings
  • Pain Management Educator
  • 20 years of teaching experience
Seriously – with these 2 minds working together to create and deliver this program, how could I – or ANYONE go wrong? It simply doesn’t get better than this.
2 – I could do this program from the comfort of my own home
The last thing I needed was more stress or complications. I didn’t want to have to join a gym or attend inconvenient classes. I mean, can you imagine having to dress a certain way, battle traffic, find and potentially pay for parking… all to decrease your stress and calm your nervous system? That doesn’t make any sense at all!

Moreso, NONE of the classes I looked into offered ANYTHING specific to Migraine Relief – and NONE of the studios I contacted had even HEARD OF Neuro-Lax Yoga.

Why on earth would I pay BIG MONEY to attend an INCONVENIENT class that was not designed to help me combat my migraines?

Regular yoga was not the answer, so I need to rethink on how to spend the TIME and MONEY to attend generic yoga classes.
  • Can be done from the comfort of your own home
  • Requires no expensive equipment
  • Does not need any specific clothing
3 – This program uses a unique therapeutic technique (Neuro-Lax Yoga) designed specifically to alleviate Hyper-occlusion
“Specific yoga poses can help the body ease up and be relaxed, which can help manage your occasional nagging discomfort that can contribute to your occasional migraines. Certain poses can help boost circulation and improve blood flow to your brain. This may lessen any occasional discomfort or occasional nagging sensations that you’re having.”
All of my research uncovered only one tested and guaranteed method for eliminating the devastating effects of Hyper-occlusion - and that is Neuro-Lax yoga.

So I decided to give it a shot…
The Neuro-Lax method is a key factor to alleviating your migraine symptoms, reducing your occasional discomfort, and even managing your migraines. This is a form of specialized, therapeutic yoga that manages Hyper-Occlusion..
Introducing: Yoga for Migraine Relief
Yoga for Migraine Relief is a system of 10 gentle movements proven to counteract the damaging effects of Hyper-occlusion. In 19 minutes or less each day, you’ll safeguard yourself from potential migraines, essentially ‘rewiring’ the brain glitch that is causing your migraine nightmare.

This revolutionary program includes an easy-to-follow video that walks you through each exercise so you can be confident that you’re doing them correctly. It also includes a comprehensive manual that details everything you need to know.
In just 19 minutes (or less) each day, you can change your life forever!
It’s important to note:

Neuro-Lax Yoga is NOT taught in any yoga studio.

Neuro-Lax Yoga is NOT just a few basic poses thrown together.

Neuro-Lax Yoga is NOT something you’ll find on YouTube.

Neuro-Lax Yoga is NOT a drain on your time.

Neuro-Lax Yoga is NOT expensive.

Neuro-Lax Yoga is NOT offered anywhere else.
Neuro-Lax Yoga IS developed by 2 true experts in injury prevention, exercise therapy, and therapeutic yoga.

Neuro-Lax Yoga IS easy enough for anyone to do, regardless of their age or fitness level.

Neuro-Lax Yoga IS easily done from home, without any need for specialized clothing or expensive equipment.

Neuro-Lax Yoga IS easy to fit into even the busiest of days.

Neuro-Lax Yoga IS affordable.

Neuro-Lax Yoga IS safe, natural, and effective.

When you consider all the research and facts about Neuro-Lax Yoga, trying the program becomes a no-brainer!
So, now that you know all about WHY your migraines are happening: Hyper-occlusion

… and how to manage this ‘brain glitch’ to stop the devastating effects: Neuro-Lax

… and how to learn this new therapeutic yoga technique: Yoga for Migraine Relief

The next logical question is:
How much will it cost to manage my migraine?
The good news is that the therapeutic Neuro-Lax program is incredibly affordable - especially when you consider the typical costs associated with migraines.
Average cost of a doctor’s appointment:
$100 - $200
Average cost of a specialist’s appointment:
Average cost of NSAIDs for pain management:
Average cost of new migraine prevention medications:
Average cost of a group (not specialized) yoga class:
$15 - $25/hour
Average cost of a private, individual yoga class:
$30 - $70/hour
The cost of unbearable pain and suffering:
In fact, one recent study determined that the cost of medical treatment for migraines in the USA averages $6575/year, not including indirect costs like missed work.
And all of these costs do not guarantee relief from your migraines! You’re spending thousands of dollars each year in the mere hopes that something might finally work. None of these expensive options come with any sort of guarantee.
So, how much is a painless, peaceful, healthy life worth to you?
Hundreds? Thousands?
Believe it or not, you can receive all of the benefits that I have shared with
you today for a small, one-time payment of $19.95.
Yes, you read that right…
The breakthrough Neuro-Lax techniques taught in
Yoga for Migraine Relief is available to you for only $19.95
There’s simply no better time to TRY the Neuro-Lax techniques taught in Yoga for Migraine Relief for yourself.
Try? What do you mean by  ‘Try’?
I say, ‘Try’ because Yoga for Migraine Relief comes with an iron-clad, 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee!
That’s Right - Guaranteed!
If the science and resources behind this program hasn’t already inspired you to help with your occasional migraines you can try this program for yourself, then this guarantee should absolutely put your mind at ease!

Within 60 days, if for ANY reason whatsoever you are not 100% satisfied with how this program decreases your migraine pain and puts an end to your suffering, you can simply contact Gentle Stretching and they will happily refund you - no questions asked!
60 days to make a difference – or 100% refund!
In the unlikely event that you aren’t thrilled with how much better you feel after trying the therapeutic techniques used in Yoga for Migraine Relief, you will receive a complete refund. No hassles, no questions, no delays.
So, really, the ONLY thing you stand to lose is your
 Even better…
If you purchase the Yoga for Migraine Relief today you will also receive a special bonus!
If you decide to take the first steps towards a new, discomfort-free life by trying Yoga for Migraine Relief for 60 days, you will also receive a special Meditation video – for FREE. To promote even further relaxation and help you along your road to healing.

The FREE Meditation video that complements the Neuro-Lax healing techniques in Yoga for Migraine Relief is called:

Meditation – From Fight or Flight to Rest and Digest
This video is the perfect companion to Yoga for Migraine Relief. Play this meditation walk-through at any time to help promote relaxation, calm your nervous system, and realign your senses.

So, what do you have to lose? Aside from your occasional discomforts and occasional nagging sensations?
Yoga for Migraine Relief is available via a special download, so there is no waiting. You can start on your journey to pain-free living right away. As well, the program includes a comprehensive pdf manual that walks you through every exercise, step by step. You will have complete confidence that you are doing everything correctly. There is no guessing. And it is all GUARANTEED.
All for a one-time
payment of  $19.95!
At this point, you only have 2 options:

Option 1 – I’ll pass

I’ll pass… click away… and my migraine is still manageable for me.

Continue to live with the occasional discomfort Continue to:

… Lose hours and days of your life each time a migraine strikes.

… Lose out on valuable time with your family and friends.

… Put your job at risk because of missed days of work.

… Compromise your relationships due to your unpredictability.

… Live life in worry, always waiting for the next migraine to hit.

The choice is yours. Do nothing and simply accept that the migraines will continue to interrupt some of the activities and days in your life.
Or - Finally decide to take control over your health and happiness.
Remember – the occasional migraine you have been living with is not your fault! But now that you know the real cause of migraines and how 19 minutes can make a world of difference in your life, it’s up to you to make a decision.
Choose to take the first steps towards a discomfort -free life
Let me share what others had to say about this program

“I have been dealing with occasional migraines for most of my life.. This program helped me manage my occasional discomfort naturally – I am grateful!”

Shelly Longdon, Jefferson City, MO
“Thank you, Gentle Stretching for Migraine Relief at last!”

Michael Pancini, Tacoma, WA
“I never imagined something so simple would make such a big difference! Thank you!”

Shiloh Richardson, Waco, TX
“I had tried many things before finding this program. The guarantee made trying this program easy – and I am so glad that I did. I feel better and much more relaxed than before .”

– Ellen Gilmour, Orange, CA
“What a difference! Neuro-lax yoga was my partner in managing my occasional migraine!”

– Grant Eldridge, Edmonton, AB
I was tired of missing work and was willing to try anything. This simple routine changed on the way I was managing my occasional migraines and discomfort. Thank you.”

– Gary Lopez, Paradise Hills, NM
Investing in my physical and mental health helped change me into a better person as well as helped me with my occasional migraines – and it can be that helpful for you too.
Try the new Neuro-Lax techniques used in Yoga for Migraine Relief for 60 days,
risk free , and reduce the occurrence of:

  • Dealing with the occasional discomfort
  • Missing out on fun
  • Losing out on valuable time with your family
  • Risking your job
  • Compromising your relationships
  • Living your life in worry, wondering when the next migraine will strike
  • Experiencing the occasional migraine silently
Click Here to Manage Migraines and Regain Control Over Your Life
So – the decision is now yours. Do nothing – or TRY the trusted Neuro-lax yoga program for 60 days, risk free, receive a bonus meditation video for added benefit, and start on your journey towards a DISCOMFORT-FREE LIFE..
[Yes, I Want To TRY Yoga for Migraine Relief]
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